MASTERCLASS: Unlock Your Inner Artist

Unlock Your Inner Artist



16TH MAY AT 8PM EST (5pm PST, 10am AEST)

In this free online masterclass, you will discover Adam Roa’s 4-Step “Unlock Your Inner Artist” process for harnessing your creativity for personal growth.


In this live masterclass you will:


➡️ Identify and address your creative blocks so you can connect with your artist ideas

➡️ Be guided through a visualization to tap into your artistic desires 

➡️ Discover how to drop in the creative flow mindset and build a creative habit

➡️ Why your personal life story and skillset is key to creating authentic art

➡️ Plus get your questions answered by Adam Roa on a Live Q&A

Your own creative expression is the key to…

…unlocking all the abundance and transformation you desire. Whether it’s in your career, relationships, health, wealth or happiness. 

Meet Adam Roa


Adam Roa is an artist, entrepreneur, 7-figure coach and creator of The Art Of Choosing Love, a YouTube reality show highlighting his healing journey through his own painful breakup from his partner of 10 years. Not only has he coached high-performing clients such as actors, medical professionals, and CEOs, but he also guides people just like you back to self love.

Through his artistry, poetry, music and with extreme vulnerability, Adam has shared openly about his journey through 3 major breakups, depression, drug use, and healing from childhood sexual abuse in an effort to transform the lives of others. Adam embodies what he teaches, and through his embodiment, his mission is to help you see that, you ARE who you’ve been looking for.

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